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We have been in the Wedding Industry for over 7 years and know how much stress the bride has to endure with all the intricate details that comes with planning a wedding. The only thing the bride should have to worry about on her special day is enjoying her special moment with her groom and loved ones, and looking fabulous, effortlessly.

While you absolutely could do your own hair and makeup the day of your wedding, you may run the risk of making mistakes in a rush or being disappointed with how it turned out and have no one there but yourself to fix it. This takes away from time you could be enjoying your Wedding day.

With Tara Weddings hair and makeup services, we take our time to make sure you are beyond satisfied with your look before walking down the aisle. We do a full wedding hair and makeup consultation prior to your wedding day and will stay with you throughout your wedding day for any touch ups or alterations.

As the leading Toronto wedding makeup artists and hair stylist service, we aren’t happy unless you are happy and feel your very best that day.

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What you can expect from Tara Weddings as your Wedding Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist

Choosing a wedding coverage crew is not only about liking the visuals, but also deciding on professionals who would create your first
family heirloom.

It’s your royal day, and you should be treated royally. This is possibly the single most important day of your life, and the day where you are the star of the show. When looking for wedding hair and makeup in Toronto, you’ll find lots of services that offer a quick process for a high price with low quality products. We at Tara Weddings want to run completely contrary to that, and take the time to treat you to a Hollywood level hair and makeup session. Our makeup artists will take the time to assess your hair texture, skin and contours, and work with examples you have provided us to ensure you manifest the absolutely most gorgeous version of yourself on the day. We use only the highest quality products, all safe for skin textures or sensitivities of all kinds. The makeup and products we use are of a film and runway quality. As your wedding day will be full of lights, and changing temperatures (both external and body temperature) it is important to ensure you are equipped with the proper makeup for the job. As film professionals, we know what will look best under the proper lighting and in front of the lens. You can rest assured that we will treat you better than a celebrity before the red carpet!

We pride ourselves in being the most professional and cooperative wedding hair and wedding makeup artist services in the GTA, and beyond. We offer a fully credited service, with an all-hands on deck approach. We will meet with you in advance and gather all of your recommendations, goals and concerns. We will work closely with you and in congruence with our hair and makeup expertise, we will design for you several looks for you to choose from. On the day, our hair and makeup artist will be there to make you look flawless and natural. Throughout the day, we will be on site to make sure you stay looking flawless and natural, and provide touch-ups whenever necessary. Toronto wedding makeup artists don’t get more passionate about making you shine than we do!

When finding hair stylists and a makeup artist for weddings, you’ll discover prices can get quite high, and this can be daunting in the face of all other costs. Our philosophy is this, you’ve built an entire day for one soul purpose - for your guests (and yourself) to celebrate YOU. In this way, we believe a proper budget allocated to your hair and makeup is a very reasonable and responsible thing to consider, as the bride should feel 100% confident and glowing on her big day. But we also believe that when you spend that money, you should be getting what you pay for. We’ve tailored our wedding hair and makeup service down to every last detail, in making sure that everything from the products we use, to the way we use them, is above and beyond the standard. We use stringent practices with every piece of makeup and every applicator product. Every product is strong, long lasting, and safe. And the artist applying all of these is trained to keep you comfortable, confident and feel light.

Not all wedding makeup in Toronto or wedding hair in Toronto are companies that are fully licensed and certified. While certification is not the gold standard for artistry or talent, it is the guarantee of our professionalism and adherence to an industry standard of safety and practice. We are confident in saying that we ensure our hair and makeup artists are both artistically brilliant, and professionally certified.

When searching for “wedding makeup and hair near me” you’ll find that one of the downfalls of many wedding makeup services is the fact that you have to visit their studio before your big day. There’s nothing inherently wrong with this, but we’ve come to learn throughout our years of business that many brides would prefer to have the makeup come to them. Our mobile services allow you to save tons of time, and take lots of pressure off of the big day, as you can rest easy knowing we will be there at your venue/location well before your guests. We bring our entire studios' worth of products and gear - to you.

In finding a makeup artist and hair stylist for your wedding, you’re going to want someone who knows how to think outside the box. Our makeup artists are trained to work with your specific skin tone, bone structure and contours, in order to give you the most creatively outstanding hair and makeup job you’ve ever had. And that’s a guarantee!

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Choosing your wedding photography and videography crew shouldn’t be taken lightly. We understand how important this step is to you and we are here to answer any questions you might have.

We are here to answer any questions you might have.