Chinese Wedding Photography

Peter & Yumi's Chinese Wedding photoshoot

TaraWeddings was established in Toronto – the city of all nationalities. Our clients come from various backgrounds, our team members are of different cultures.

But we all have something in common – the non-verbal understanding of love. We have a vast experience with multi-cultural weddings, including Chinese wedding photography and videography.

Our wedding photographers and videographers have been to many Chinese weddings and know exactly what ceremonies and traditions are important during a Chinese wedding day.

Each Chinese Wedding Traditions that you will have:

  • Traditional Chinese Wedding Invitations
  • Traditional Chinese Wedding Dress | Qipao
  • Choose auspicious dates
  • Betrothal (Giving and Acceptance of Betrothal Gifts)
  • Dowry delivery
  • Installing the bridal bed
  • Hair combing ceremony
  • The Chinese Tea Ceremony

we won’t miss a thing!

On this page we present you with a recent Chinese Weddings we shot. You may see other examples of Chinese style wedding photography HERE.

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Here are also examples of Chinese wedding photos, pictures & shots.