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Aidan & John's Vietnam Wedding photoshoot

TaraWeddings was established in Toronto – the city of all nationalities. Our clients come from various backgrounds, our team members are of different cultures.

But we all have something in common – the non-verbal understanding of love. We have a vast experience with multi-cultural weddings, including Vietnam wedding photography and videography.

Our wedding photographers and videographers have been to many Vietnam weddings and know exactly what ceremonies and traditions are important during a Vietnam wedding day.

On this page we present you with a recent Vietnam Weddings we shot. You may see other examples of Vietnam style wedding photography HERE.

A little bit more about Aidan & John's Vietnam wedding

Aidan and John’s wedding fills my heart with warmth. Remembering this bright, sunny day with a ceremony outdoors at one of the greatest Toronto wedding venues, Sunnybrook Estates. The ceremony was amazingly beautiful, because of the closest friends and amazing outfits that both Aidan and John had at this time. After the ceremony, we went around the event venue territory to capture some candid moments of Aidan and John having some romantic interactions with each other. After the photo shoot, we had a crazy dancing part where all these people just went super crazy. And we were a little bit surprised by how all this elegant people transformed into the crazy, jumping crowd. So we were able to get lots of great shots.

Aidan & John's wedding Locations

Wedding photography took place in the most popular wedding locations of Toronto.

The ceremony took place in The Estates of Sunnybrook.

Wedding photoset took place here - this is The Estates of Sunnybrook.

Well, the wedding banquet was held in a wonderful cozy place - The Estates of Sunnybrook.

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