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A little bit more about the Anna & Steve's wedding

Some weddings are just timeless, and this one was no exception. The Bradford Barn was a great location for such stylistic choice, because Anna and Steve, they are open, bright people. They decided to do their wedding in the rustic style, which contributed to their easy-going, flowing relationships and made us entire weddings team, a great addition to their big day.

It was a pure joy to do wedding photography and videography for them. They enjoyed the whole process of taking photos and shooting videos for them. They were suggesting ideas to us, and their bridal party was open to participate. All the details of this wedding were selected carefully, and this created a great visual experience for us. The weather fit just perfectly. There was no bright sun, but the light was soft after the rain, with the clouds in the sky.

All this created a remarkable experience for us as wedding photographers, for Anna and Steve as a couple, and for all the guests that arrived to see their big day and celebration. And now we’re happy to show you what we got. So please enjoy.

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