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Nicole & Sean's Wedding

A little bit more about the Nicole & Sean's wedding

Nicole and Shaun’s wedding was one of these weddings when for us as wedding photographers and videographers, it was not just another wedding, but the day that we’re going to remember.

At first we got inquiry from them online and then they asked to do a Skype call to see if we fit each other. During the Skype call they ask lots of questions and we answered all of them. But the main thing that I remember from this call are their big smiles to the camera on their phone from which they called from and the easy going vibe that I felt right away.

Their wedding to place at Southampton, Ontario, where we never been before. So it was a great experience for us at Tara Weddings team to travel there and to see a new great location for our portfolio.

Their wedding took place at the backyard of their house, but it’s not just an average backyard. It was more like a lake shore house where the water is just one minute away and the warm breeze is touching your face the whole day. It was a calm, bright experience for everybody.

And we loved to work with them because when people enjoy what you are doing and when you love what you’re doing in these keys, it’s not a job anymore, but is a pure experience of the celebration of the wedding of two beautiful people.

During the day we had rain, so the ceremony that were planned to be outside moved to the inside tent that they had just for the reception. So we used our own DJ light to add some ambient colors, which made the whole difference to the wedding.

This wedding was filled with lots of tears of happiness. And when I saw from a big guy that is a few times bigger than the average wedding photographer from Tara Weddings crying and then smiling, you start to hold the tears too because you feel that this is real. This was a great wedding. So please enjoy.

Nicole & Sean's wedding Locations

Wedding photography took place in the most popular wedding locations of Southampton.

Preparation of the bride for this wedding we shot in this place - The Walker House.

The ceremony took place in Southampton.

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