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Rebecca & Brian's Wedding

A little bit more about the Rebecca & Brian's wedding

Elegant wedding at the elegant place – Colette restaurant is one of our favourites in downtown Toronto. This location was a perfect fit for Rebecca since she wanted to have a glamorous wedding.

Her request was straightforward – make her look as a celebrity. We had some fun with creative lighting, with detail shots and and group photos. She was very happy with our outcome and recommended our company to a few of her friends.

Rebecca & Brian's wedding Locations

Wedding photography took place in the most popular wedding locations of Toronto.

Preparation of the bride for this wedding we shot in this place - Colette Grand Café.

The ceremony took place in Colette Grand Café.

Wedding photoset took place here - this is Colette Grand Café.

Well, the wedding banquet was held in a wonderful cozy place - Colette Grand Café.

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