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A little bit more about the Vincenzo & Olga's wedding

I got a call from Vincenzo, asking about wedding services. We met and I liked this guy right away. He was bright. He was smiling. He was delicate, and I got a feeling that it would be a great experience to shoot their wedding. So we signed.

At the engagement photo shoot, I met his future wife, Olga. When I saw her, I understood that this wedding will be amazing, because the two of them are easygoing, bright people, and their wedding day was the same.

They had a celebration at their house. Everything was arranged there. In the back yard, they made a big bright tent, and the photo shoot took place at the Royal Botanical Gardens, which was a great location for such easy, simplistic, bright wedding, filled with lots of joy and fun.

The bridal party was a bunch of great open people, and the bridesmaids were amazing. The whole dance floor was filled with the sounds of joy, laughter, and celebration.

Vincenzo & Olga's wedding Locations

Wedding photography took place in the most popular wedding locations of Oakville.

Wedding photoset took place here - this is Royal Botanical Garden.

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