Same Day Edit- What Is It And Why You Should Get It

A Same Day Edit (SDE) is an edit of the footage shot during the first part of your wedding day and then viewed at the reception. Unlike a short music video that you will play in a close circle when you receive it a few weeks after the event, a Same Day Edit will be viewed by every one of your guests a few hours after the ceremony. It is included in our Epic+ Package, but you can also choose it as an add-on service. It is one of our most valuable add-ons since it requires a highly skilled video editor, who can edit quickly and smoothly while putting all the right accents to bring out the uniqueness of your wedding. Nevertheless, it is totally worth it. You might even consider upgrading your package just to have it. So what’s in it for you, you might wonder?

Most couples are so thrilled on the morning of their wedding day that they tell us it all feels like a dream. But as we all know dreams are scarcely vivid and detailed. The getting ready process and the ceremony are lived through emotions and feelings, with the couple’s hearts and souls involved way more than their eyes, ears, and taste buds. Only after the ceremony is over, tears of happiness are shed, and a bit of the pressure releases as the couple gets a few minutes alone. However a few moments are nothing to relish the experience they have been preparing themselves so long for. Next is the party, where the newlyweds can finally relax and have fun.

The beginning of the reception is the perfect moment for an SDE to be played. It helps start off the evening at a more intimate mood, allowing all the guests to view the “behind the stage” of your Big Day, and appreciate how important this day is for you. As for you and your fiance, you will be able to take a glimpse at each other getting ready, and hear the tremble in each others voice as you read your letters or practice your vows. You will see your families express their love for you in the most tender of touches, the warmest of looks, and the sweetest of smiles.
Everyone will be able to appreciate the beauty of the moments brides and grooms tend to miss while trying to stop their hearts from racing so fast. The beautiful white dress hanging in the morning light, the stroke of the powder brush against her flushed cheek, the rough hands of a father fixing his son’s collar- these are little things our lives consist of, and they are also the most valuable.

And then, of course, there is the ceremony itself. While you and your fiancĂ© will be looking at eternity in each other’s eyes, our operator will capture you holding hands, your lips saying “I do”, your first kiss as husband and wife and even the tears of happiness your loved ones might try to hold back. With a Same Day Edit, you will be able to view everything from a side while the memories are still so fresh, making it an intense emotional throwback that will intensify the whole adventure both for you and your guests. It is a head-spinning experience we strongly recommend.