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East and Southeast Asian weddings

What further exemplifies Tara wedding’s strong wedding photography pedigree, is the fact that we have had ample experience covering Cantonese, Mandarin, Filipino, and Vietnamese weddings.


In our years of working to capture the best matrimonial moments, we have learnt about the East and southeast asian customs through experience, and studying their rich culture.


As you will see from our portfolio, it is evident that we deliver moments which capture the essence of these cultures and their most notable moments.


Being aware of these cultures inside out gives us an upper hand in knowing what to capture, and when to capture it.


We assure you that you will be at complete ease knowing that the Tara Weddings team is well versed in your customs and traditions which we strive to capture in the best way possible.


  • Astute knowledge of the east and south East Asian cultural sphere
  • The TaraWeddings team make sure they are aware of which people, and moments are important
  • We capture the key moments without interfering with any rituals in any way
  • Years of experience covering East and Southeast Asian weddings
  • Our team is aware of the religious and customary boundaries in order to maintain the utmost respect for culture

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Asian Wedding Photography Reviews Reviews

from our past clients
We started small, and now look at us, making all these people happy with our services!
Our wedding photographers and videographers are nearly invisible on the day of the event, but we sure do get all the attention after, once we submit our work. We are proud to display nearly perfect scores across all of our reviewing platforms including Google and WeddingWire. See for yourself!
Bride, Toronto
Paul and his simply did an amazing job! I loved both the photos and videos, which I thought highlighted their immense creativity and ability. Furthermore, they were very polite, and dressed well, which made me very proud of having to hire this team for my big day, as even my family members commented on how professional and understanding they were when dealing with guests. Thank you Paul and company! I recommend any Mandarin couple to hire Tara weddings and forget about their worries!
Bride, Toronto
Being filipino, I wanted a photographer who knew my culture, because I wanted that satisfaction at the back of my mind that the media team knew what they were covering, and who they were covering. Before I even brought that point up to Paul, he requested a list of my close family members and their pictures, followed by a confirmation of important events that were supposed to happen throughout the reception. I was very impressed with his method as I did not know how I would tell him who is who! However, I was pleased to see that Paul was taking that initiative which made things just flow! Thank you Paul!
Bride, Toronto
Thank GOD I picked you guys. I was skeptical of how the pictures would turn out to be because of I felt awkward when I was being directed during the photoshoot, but that completely changed once I saw the photos. WOW, you guys know what you’re doing. Not only that, I was impressed by the fact that you could actually handle the 40 plus uncontrollable Vietnamese immediate family members who all wanted pictures. Paul made it look easy kept things going smoothly. Thank you! Xoxo
Bride, Toronto
I was recommended Paul’s company by a friend in the Chinese community, and I’d like to say that I will do the same for all of my friends! His talent and years of experience was epitomized by the way he and his team conducted themselves through the whole 14 hour long ordeal that is covering a wedding! They showed no signs of fatigue or boredom and were constantly on their feet and did their best from what I could see. I loved the pictures and videos! Thank you Tara weddings for giving me this lifelong gift!
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We are here to answer any questions you might have.