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A wedding is a life-changing event celebrated by you and all of those closest to you, but the mile-stone moment that brought it into possibility is seldom shared in such extravagance… that moment, is the proposal.

Why settle for a handful of low-quality smartphone pictures for such a monumental event in your journey through life, the moment your partner said yes. Capture the moment you and your soon-to-be spouse became engaged and all of the magic you felt in that moment with our truly unique Engagement Photography & Video services.

At Tara Weddings, it is our passion to capture the memories that you will carry with you the rest of your life. We work as a discrete and organized team to arrange and photograph the day of your proposal in ultra quality and with a uniquely cinematic touch.

Tara Weddings uses a wide variety of lenses, angles and color grading to both picture and enhance the details and environment you chose for your proposal. We aim to ensure you’re both comfortable and natural in the final results, and provide you with a veteran team of professional, amicable and highly artistic photographers and filmmakers. Our photographers are immensely experienced at working in virtually any environment and ensure that their equipment is top of the line and their presence non-intrusive.

Our team has worked together for several years and have a chemistry and fluidity that guarantees you premium quality. An engagement shoot is the perfect way to begin documenting your journey with your fiance and even get excellent practice in front of the camera before your wedding.There’s no better way to commemorate such a pivotal moment in your own story than having it documented.

Our engagement day short film will make sure those pages of your story are on glorious 4k display, and in impactful film-quality fashion that will be sure to bring a smile to your face with each viewing. Take advantage of this one of a kind way to retain the singular moment that made it all official, and then share the photos and short film with your family, friends and loved ones abroad.

They’ll be in awe of the dozens of expertly produced on-location, in-the-moment photos they experience as they imagine themselves right there beside you when it happened: at the park, at the restaurant, on the ferris-wheel or at the beach. Get the most out of this perfect moment with the perfect heirloom and keepsake.

A gift cherished by you tomorrow, on your 50th anniversary, and eventually by your kids and grandkids, the Engagement Photo & Video package allows you and others to re-live the emotion now and always.

Embrace the opportunity to have the celebration of your proposal encapsulated in a distinct and polished way. At Tara Weddings we believe in the power of photography and video to secure the memories you and your loved ones will carry through life, and we want to help you to do just that. Choose our Engagement Services today and let’s frame your proposal picture-perfectly.

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Choosing your wedding photography and videography crew shouldn’t be taken lightly. We understand how important this step is to you and we are here to answer any questions you might have.

We are here to answer any questions you might have.