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Sound has huge power over our emotions and for this reason its a major part of a wedding. From notes played during the tender moments to the triumphant entrances, everything the audience hears will take them on this journey they could remember forever. A meaningful entrance song can set the tone for the first steps towards your life together with your loved one.

Wedding Music Selection

The right soundtrack will remind you of your good times together as you get ready to enter with your friends and family to be received by all your guests. This all begins with the right DJ. When those doors open, the energy present in the room, all those people together, have the ability to create powerful and exhilarating moments.

Wedding DJs selection

The right DJ will channel this energy into creating these unforgettable moments. They will know when to turn the music down for a guest to speak. A good DJ will have microphones ready for your friends and loved ones to share anything they’d like out loud with you and your guests. Even your wedding video will thrive as the sound will be clean and readily available to the creators of your wedding film.

Music Selection & Technical Problems

As quickly as great sound can ignite a room full of guests into applause, technical difficulties can ruin this energy. You need a professional DJ at the helm to not only pick the right great music and have excellent timing but to make sure the unwanted technical problems don’t happen.

Wedding DJ’s Experience

You will want your videographer, for example, to have access to the sound coming from all those microphones that your friends and loved ones are talking into. A TaraWeddings DJ can make sure your guests have an excellent backing orchestra as they enjoy their night, and the technical support they need to enjoy, have a voice, and not spend time troubleshooting microphones.

Certified Wedding Planner

With expertise in the other elements of event production, Tara Weddings team members can work within the wedding production team on your wedding to produce the best product they can. They will collaborate with the photographers, videographers, venue management, planners, and all together keep your guests happy.

Ceremony Music

Imagine your wedding day, in an open room by the seaside. Your DJ is ready for your wedding ceremony. The videographer is setting up their gear. A Tara experienced Wedding DJ will know what will be required and could immediately be proactive in offering to close doors or windows for control of the sound of the water.

Wedding Reception

They will also offer connections to the sound system to the videographer, as well as be able to let them know how much time they have before they are scheduled to announce something that may have to be recorded. After the ceremony, the reception will be very timing sensitive and various speakers will be picking up microphones to speak to the room full of guests.

Top Wedding DJ Services

A good wedding DJ will be able to keep the sound levels at a good level to avoid ruining the recording if someone speaks too softly or too loudly. They will also be ready to have all microphones on standby to avoid making all speeches begin with “Is this microphone working”?

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Wedding DJ Reviews Reviews

from our past clients
We started small, and now look at us, making all these people happy with our services!
Our wedding photographers and videographers are nearly invisible on the day of the event, but we sure do get all the attention after, once we submit our work. We are proud to display nearly perfect scores across all of our reviewing platforms including Google and WeddingWire. See for yourself!
Bride, Toronto
After we’ve done a bit of a research of various wedding companies we decided to go ahead with Tara Weddings DJ. We couldn't be happier with their service. The company was very professional from the beginning - quick email replies and further communication regarding our day planning made the whole thing so much easier. The music list was great and just what we wanted - new hits and classic tunes. The DJ kept everyone on the dance floor all night long, right until the place was shut down. Great service, thank you guys!
Bride & Groom, Toronto
There are so many DJ services out there these days, and many of them are good and experienced professionals. When we approached Tara Weddings regarding Photo and Video Services we were surprised to find out that the company has the whole department - Production & Entertainment - managing sound, lights, Dj’s, musicians, and other performers. It was very convenient for us to hire a single vendor that would manage the entire process as opposed to contacting different companies. We hired a Dj with MC and a cello player during cocktail hours - just what we were looking for. Highly recommended!
Bride, Toronto
For me personally was very hard to find the right DJ and MC for our Wedding, because almost every DJ company these days provides their service on a high level. But what I was looking for was not just the service - I was looking for the right personalities. And when I met Josh and Alex from Tara Weddings I was convinced with their attitude and professionalism. These guys are true performers. The MC was engaging and communicating with the guests in a lively and funny manner. And the DJ was playing the songs in a way that made our guests stay on the dance floor until they couldn’t stay on their feet anymore:) Good job Tara Weddings!
Bride, Toronto
I was very impressed by the light show during the party and by special effects we ordered at Tara Weddings for our first dance. I really felt like I was dancing on a big stage with spotlights, haze, and other effects. It was unforgettable experience for me and my husband - we felt very special at that moment. On top of that, when a party started, the guys from Tara Weddings made our venue look like a night club with all these flashing lights and lasers. Great song list, amazing light show. Everybody had a blast!

Wedding DJ Features

Choosing a wedding coverage crew is not only about liking the visuals, but also deciding on professionals who would create your first
family heirloom.

We play all genres of music: country, hip hop, electronic, jazz, oldies, pop, soul/R&B, rock, international, top 40. Upon request we will customize our playlist to match any specific requirements of your event.

Our DJs and MCs are top-notch performers and professional actors/entertainers. We’ve been working in the wedding industry long enough to be able to meet its high standards.

We will embellish your venue with flying colours of wash lights, brighten up your speeches with warm spotlights, and sparkle your dance party with moving head beams and flashing lasers. Make your first dance a special stage performance and have your guests feel like they are in the classy nigh club.

You can have any live performer during your cocktail hours: a cello player, a violin player, a guitarist, an acoustic duo, a singer - just to name a few. Also, dancers and performers can help you to turn the event into something more special that you and your guests will cherish in their memories.

There are several levels of communication with us based on your preferences and scheduling. There’s an option of getting a preliminary quote online, OR you can book an appointment with us for more detailed discussion. Once you make a reservation we are available for your thoughts and suggestions at almost any time.

As a business entity we meet legal requirements regarding Public Liability and as DJ service provider we posses a licence to perform sound recordings publicly.


What A DJ Does At A Wedding?

A Wedding DJ is responsible for providing music and entertainment at wedding receptions. They work closely with the Wedding Planner to ensure that the music fits the theme and style of the event. Wedding DJs typically have a wide range of music genres to choose from, and they use their experience and expertise to select the right songs for each moment of the reception. In addition to playing music, Wedding DJs often act as MCs, making announcements and keeping the flow of the event moving smoothly. They may also provide sound and lighting equipment to create a more festive atmosphere. Whether they are working alone or as part of a team, Wedding DJs play an important role in making sure that every wedding reception is a fun and memorable celebration.

Is It Worth Having A Wedding DJ?

Wedding DJs are often thought of as an unnecessary expense, but they can actually be a valuable addition to your wedding. Wedding DJs can help to create a fun and festive atmosphere, and they can also help to keep the dance floor packed all night long. In addition, Wedding DJs can often provide other services such as lighting and sound kits. This means that you won’t have to worry about renting or setting up your own equipment. As a result, having a Wedding DJ can actually save you time and money in the long run. So if you’re looking for a way to make your wedding extra special, be sure to consider hiring a Wedding DJ.

How Much Does a Wedding DJ Cost In Toronto?

Wedding DJs are a popular choice for couples who want to add some extra fun and excitement to their big day. But how much does a wedding DJ cost in Toronto? The answer depends on a number of factors, including the size of the wedding, the location, and the type of services required. Wedding DJs typically charge by the hour, with prices ranging from $75 to $150 per hour. For smaller weddings, a four-hour package may be sufficient, while larger weddings may require up to eight hours of service. Wedding DJs can also provide additional services such as music consultations, dance floor lighting, and sound system rentals. These services will typically add an additional cost to the overall price.

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We are here to answer any questions you might have.