Wedding Lighting

Wedding lighting Services

There is a reason wedding season is in the summer. We all love a warm and sunny day and there is no better day for a wedding! Bright, warm sunlight comes through a window as the bride reaches for her wedding dress.

The spotlights spin for a moment before finding the new couple in the grand entrance of the hall. The dance floor is set alight by spinning colours, making everyone regain their energy after a long dinner. The room gets moody again for one last slow dance before getting in a limo home.

Wedding lighting Services

Lighting is a huge part of the wedding day and it can greatly enhance key elements of your day and night, from the photography to the entrances, to making sure all the attention in the room is on your closest friend sharing their most cherished memories with you.

Wedding lighting Services

A great lighting setup can be the final touch to great reception decor, from the grand entrances to the details like highlighting your photo albums or your cake that so much work was put into.

Wedding lighting Services

A Tara Weddings wedding DJ will know all the occasions that can be complemented by lighting and be ready to act in those moments when timing is everything.

This means that not only events that are going according to scheduled or are anticipated can work out well, but also being ready to make spontaneity possible for the guests, with spotlights ready to hit any corner of the room if a friend or relative wants to speak up or, who knows, dance for the room?

Wedding lighting Services

Being a DJ is all about timing and this doesn’t only relate to music, but also to these lighting skills that are just as important for a wedding day. A Tara Weddings DJ won’t be caught off guard if unexpected moments come up, and will treat these as they’ve been rehearsed.

Wedding lighting Services

Being a DJ is also about the technical expertise to make these lighting effects happen in the moment, without rehearsal. TaraWeddings DJ’s not only know their own equipment, but through an understanding of the work of the photographers and videographers also working alongside them, can contribute to the best overall wedding production possible.

Wedding lighting Services

This means not ruining video with overly bright spotlights, or being slow to adjust lighting to new speakers or a guest beginning to pace while giving a speech. This also means adjusting lighting between daytime and nighttime to best suit each moment. A professional from Tara Weddings will give these moments the attention the deserve and from more points of view than just their own.

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Questions About Wedding Lighting

My wedding venue has large windows and lots of natural light. Would I still benefit from uplighting?

Yes. While lots of natural light is great, light temperature, angle and intensity can make or break potentially amazing shots. Also, you need to keep in mind that at some point the sun will set, and the venue will turn on their own lights. In many cases, that’s when the quality of the light drops immensely. Likely the ceremony is over by that time, but the celebration is far from ending. Wedding lighting rental can take care of that in few easy steps, and help you preserve even more memories.

My wedding is outdoors. What should I consider when deciding on lighting?

Outdoor weddings are one of the best opportunities to play with light. Most of all, there is the decor: tent lighting, bistro lights, fairy lights, string lights, candles, lighted trees, twinkle lights, candles and so on. These accent lights give the wedding the most charming atmosphere, but usually don’t do much for illuminating the couple or their guests. In order to not ruin the ambience you worked so hard to create, you would need help from a professional wedding lighting team, who would know to install non-intrusive light sources in the right places and the right amount while keeping in mind the purpose of this lighting setup.

For example, you have a “Love” marquee sign that you would like to use as a background for your first dance. From our experience the lighting is often set up in a way that either doesn’t illuminate the couple, overpowers the sign, or, even worse, conflicts with it in terms of style. Our team would create a light that not only perfectly balances the sign with soft illumination of the bride and groom, but also follow the dancing couple to make sure that they are always in the center of everyone’s attention.

I see a lot of photographers do great work without any additional lighting set up. So what is the point of this service?

The key point of a wedding uplighting service is to maximize the amount of truly high-quality artistic shots for both, photo and video. Many skilled photographers are able to capture great shots without any special lighting. However, it doesn’t mean that all of their pictures from one wedding look awesome. It strongly depends on the conditions. Is your whole wedding going to happen all in one place? How many places there are? What season is it? What time is it going to be. Where are the windows heading? It it outdoors or indoors? Is it an all day wedding? Will there be dancing? Performers? Speeches? The list goes on. This means that, while it is not impossible to capture a wedding beautifully without any additional uplighting, we definitely recommend considering the logistics of it all, if it matters to you that you get as many tasteful shots as possible. Another strong point is to elevate the level of your event. When your speeches, dances, performance, main table and the altar are all exquisitely illuminated it creates a more upscale atmosphere.

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Choosing your wedding photography and videography crew shouldn’t be taken lightly. We understand how important this step is to you and we are here to answer any questions you might have.

We are here to answer any questions you might have.

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