Lucia & Milovan

26.01.2020 | Full Weddings

Did you know that Serbians know how to party? The Milovan and Lucias wedding was a great example of this love and party. Filled with lots of traditional elements, like apple throwing on the roof. Like throwing seats, like bringing the bright to the house in a great dance performances made this wedding a memorable […]

Leah & Jesse

25.01.2020 | Full Weddings

Winter weddings are always exciting. Winter and weddings are always beautiful. Winter weddings give a feeling of a fairy tale. And Leah and Jesse’s wedding is no exception. The preparation took place at Leah’s house, where we arranged a beautiful setup of the details. Where we took place of Leah, is in the bright light […]

Nicole & Sean

25.01.2020 | Full Weddings

Nicole and Shaun’s wedding was one of these weddings when for us as wedding photographers and videographers, it was not just another wedding, but the day that we’re going to remember. At first we got inquiry from them online and then they asked to do a Skype call to see if we fit each other. […]

Anna & Steve

24.01.2020 | Full Weddings

Some weddings are just timeless, and this one was no exception. The Bradford Barn was a great location for such stylistic choice, because Anna and Steve, they are open, bright people. They decided to do their wedding in the rustic style, which contributed to their easy-going, flowing relationships and made us entire weddings team, a […]

Vincenzo & Olga

24.01.2020 | Full Weddings

I got a call from Vincenzo, asking about wedding services. We met and I liked this guy right away. He was bright. He was smiling. He was delicate, and I got a feeling that it would be a great experience to shoot their wedding. So we signed. At the engagement photo shoot, I met his […]

Kayla & Shane Hyatt Regency Aruba

20.05.2019 | Full Weddings