Dayo & Arama

28.09.2020 | Full Engagements

Samantha & Sean

02.06.2020 | Full Weddings

Priya & Sid

27.01.2020 | Full Weddings

I love Indian culture and I love Indian weddings. That’s why I called our company after an Indian goddess of clarity, Tara. And this Hindu wedding was one of the greatest Indian weddings I ever visited. It consists of several days, several locations, and all these locations were completely different. I met these people online […]

Rasha & Marco

27.01.2020 | Full Weddings

Zvonimir & Chantelle

27.01.2020 | Full Weddings

Aidan & John

26.01.2020 | Full Weddings

Aidan and John’s wedding fills my heart with warmth. Remembering this bright, sunny day with a ceremony outdoors at one of the greatest Toronto wedding venues, Sunnybrook Estates. The ceremony was amazingly beautiful, because of the closest friends and amazing outfits that both Aidan and John had at this time. After the ceremony, we went […]