Zvonimir & Chantelle

27.01.2020 |

Aidan & John

26.01.2020 |

Aidan and John’s wedding fills my heart with warmth. Remembering this bright, sunny day with a ceremony outdoors at one of the greatest Toronto wedding venues, Sunnybrook Estates. The ceremony was amazingly beautiful, because of the closest friends and amazing outfits that both Aidan and John had at this time. After the ceremony, we went […]

Demetra & Michael

26.01.2020 |

Demetra and Michael’s wedding was just a great example of a Greek tradition. Greek people know how to party. They party as crazy and they cry as crazy and they are emotional as crazy. But at the same time, they’re respectful to others, holding their closest friends close to them. The ceremony took place in […]

Julie & Brian

26.01.2020 |

Downtown weddings always give me this feeling for modern love. The ceremony took place in the church. So it’s a part of the history, of the tradition. But the whole reception took place at the The Broadview Hotel in downtown Toronto. And the combination of these two worlds made this wedding a really easygoing feeling. […]

Lucia & Milovan

26.01.2020 |

Did you know that Serbians know how to party? The Milovan and Lucias wedding was a great example of this love and party. Filled with lots of traditional elements, like apple throwing on the roof. Like throwing seats, like bringing the bright to the house in a great dance performances made this wedding a memorable […]

Leah & Jesse

25.01.2020 |

Winter weddings are always exciting. Winter and weddings are always beautiful. Winter weddings give a feeling of a fairy tale. And Leah and Jesse’s wedding is no exception. The preparation took place at Leah’s house, where we arranged a beautiful setup of the details. Where we took place of Leah, is in the bright light […]