Xiaobo and Grace

08.09.2018 | Full Weddings

I got a call from Xiaobo and we agreed to meet. One clients are asking lots of questions during initial meetings, some clients tell us a lot about their relationships. Xiaobo was strict about our wedding photography – he described what he likes about our wedding photos, how he likes our approach and that he’s […]

Samer and Liana

08.09.2018 | Full Weddings

Samer and Liana’s wedding was really easy one. When everything is on time, when bride and groom looks like models for staged wedding photo shoot, when the venue is a perfect fit it’s very uplifting to shoot. Samer and Liana are easy going people and the only request they had – to shoot emotions and […]

Gary and Aman

08.09.2018 | Full Weddings

This couple approached us with a very straightforward question – if we shot a Sikh wedding before. Yes we did and we were very excited to do it again. What we love about Sikh weddings is that they love to impress – it’s always something different, all these Indian ceremonies, entrance of the groom which […]

Kayla & Jason

18.06.2018 | Full Weddings

Honestly. I didn’t know about this island before I got booked by these people. Appeared to be that St’ Lucia is one of the smallest Caribbean countries totally covered by hills. Only flat part of this island is where the airport is, so taking from the airport to the resort was a journey. When we […]

William & Aranda

18.06.2018 | Engagements

Anna & Ife

25.10.2017 | Full Weddings

Anna and Ife’s wedding was great. We do love downtown weddings because of their mood and simplicity. No need to travel far for the ceremony. No need to go anywhere with a big crowd of people. Just be there and enjoy. It wasn’t our first wedding at the Jump restaurant so we knew what to […]